Indigo Bridge Books

While the big-box bookstores like Barnes & Noble and Borders hold a strong appeal due to the massive number of books and book-related items they carry, there is something even more appealing about the small, local bookstores that are rapidly disappearing due to the chain stores and the Internet. Local bookstores have a charm, a quality of stumbling across the unexpected treasure, that the chains can't duplicate. If you're fortunate enough to have locally-owned bookstores in your area, I hope you value and support them.

The epitome of charming, a new, independent bookstore, Indigo Bridge Books and Indigo Cafe, just opened in Lincoln's Haymarket District on September 5. True to the norm for my life these days, Maya and I finally managed to visit the bookstore on Sunday--only 2 1/2 months later. Now that I've "discovered" the store, we certainly plan to return often.

The store is small, meaning that the book selection is limited, with only one or two copies of individual titles carried in stock. There's a nice selection of unique children's toys, jewelry, bags, journals, etc. at the front of the store. The cafe area serves Cultiva Coffee, and I definitely enjoyed my iced mocha.

I wish I owned this store. With the addition of stationery products, this is my dream store. Sigh.

As for the four-year-old's perspective, Maya loved the fabric tree in the center of the store. And we agreed that a gallon a day of the hot chocolate she tried wouldn't be remiss! We stayed at the store for about an hour, which is forever by her standards. She declared that "we need to go there on holidays." Could there be higher praise from a child?

If you're in Lincoln and looking for a fun place to browse books or grab a cup of coffee, Indigo Bridge is located at 701 P Street, Suite 102, which is the Creamery Building.


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