Recent Reads

The Everest Years by Chris Bonington (1987).  This is the third volume covering the career of British mountaineer Bonington.  While Everest makes the title, his climbs during the 1970s and 1980s of the Ogre and K2, Mt. Konjur, and Mt. Vinson also get covered in detail.  He shares a lot of the details that went into planning trips, as well as his experiences during the climbs.  He shares a lot of his own thought processes.  I think he shows a particular sensitivity when discussing the impact on loved ones left behind and the deaths of friends.

After She's Gone by Maggie James (2017).  Interesting psychological thriller about the past coming back to haunt a family.  There's a lot about relationships, secrets, and discovering how well she really knows the people around her for Lori when her sixteen-year-old sister, Jessie, is raped and murdered.  Who is the killer, and what is the motive?  And who is the next victim on the list? 

More than Survival and If Only to Forget by Camryn …

Sweet SJ

Five-month-old SJ and her best friend, boxer Kota.

Sweet William

First camping trip with his mom.

Venice--June 2017

My niece in a rainy, deserted St. Mark's Square.  Photo courtesy of my sister.  I'm still a little devastated that I didn't go on this trip with them.

Outgoing Mail--July 1-15, 2017

Letters to Liz in Virginia, Barbara in South Carolina, Wanda in Canada, Michele in New Mexico, Tami in Oregon, and Kerry in Northern Ireland.

Cards to Terri in California, Sue in North Carolina, Keli in Nebraska, and Iris in Oregon.

Postcards to Fish in Taiwan, Jenn in Texas, Barbara in South Carolina, and Joel in Arizona.

Current Little Pleasures

Christmas Keepsake Week, July 14-23, filled with Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel.

Sending Christmas (in July) cards with a Peace greeting to some of my favorite people.  Why not??

Scott Tube Free Toilet Paper--nothing to recycle.

Haagen-Dazs Coffee Ice Cream--always!

Baby Driver movie.

Seeing photos from my sisters and niece on Facebook during their Italy trip.  I can't imagine they will want to come back home!

What are your current little pleasures?