March 16, 2017

Outgoing Mail--March 1-15, 2017

St. Patrick's Day Cards--Mom in Nebraska, Liz in Iowa, Wanda in Canada, Jenn in Texas, Keli in Nebraska, Andrew in Iowa, Liz in Virginia, Trysha in Alabama, Penny in Canada, Valerie in Iowa, and Sherri Kay in Wisconsin.

St. Patrick's Day Cards and Letters--Becky in Oregon, Michele in New Mexico, Kate in Iowa, Barbara in South Carolina, and Laura in Iowa.

Letters and Cards to Karen in Denmark, Wanda in Canada, Liz in Virginia, Michele in New Mexico, Trysha in Alabama, Sherri Kay in Wisconsin, Penny in Canada, Jenn in Texas, and Claudia in California.

Cards to Amanda in New Mexico, Sawyer in Iowa, Billy in Wisconsin, Terri in California, Sue in North Carolina, and Garrett in New Mexico.

Postcards to Fish in Taiwan, Sharon in Alabama, and Joel in Arizona.


March 15, 2017

Current Little Pleasures

Buying tons of postcards at From Nebraska Gift Shop today.

Binge-watching iZombie on Netflix with Maya.

Susan Branch's free stuff.  Her whole site is fun to read and explore.

Imposters on Bravo on Tuesday nights.

Herb's dinners.  Chef extraordinaire.

Day 5 of nine days of vacation/mostly staycation with Maya.  So fun to sleep in, write a lot, read a lot, binge-watch Netflix, and just hang out with Maya.

March 14, 2017

Stationery--Roxy Benton Designs

Just ordered some more great return address labels from Roxy Benton Designs.  You can find her shop through Etsy or at

Orders arrive quickly, and the quality and variety of designs are other pluses.  Happy shopping if you decide to take a look.