November 20, 2014

Incoming Mail--Ellen

Postcard of trams in Lisbon sent from Ellen in The Netherlands after her vacation.

November 18, 2014

Incoming Mail--Dana

Card from Dana in North Carolina.  She blogs at Save Snail Mail.

Incoming Mail--Sherri Kay

Another cheerful handmade card from Sherri Kay in Wisconsin.

November 05, 2014

Incoming Mail--Sue

Mary Engelbreit card from Sue in North Carolina.

Incoming Mail--Sherri Kay

Card made by Sherri Kay in Wisconsin.

Incoming Mail--Steph

Great Halloween card from Steph in Minnesota, my friend since our library school days in Kansas.
Outside of card:  "The most chilling thing I've ever read was on the back of a bag of Halloween candy."
Inside of card:  "It turns out, the serving size isn't the entire bag.  Have a sweet Halloween!"

November 04, 2014

Current Little Pleasures

My oldest nephew, Andrew, is 26 today.  Some of my favorite memories involve him, and I still see the sweet little boy he used to be every time I look at him.

This is Election Day in the United States.  Maya was excited to go with me to vote today, so I'm hoping she always votes when she's older.  Indoctrinate them young about exercising the right to vote!

Halloween is my favorite holiday.  I had a great time, albeit a little chilly and dark, trick-or-treating with Herb and zombie cheerleader Maya last Friday.  Maya even agreed to wear her coat and sweatpants with her costume, so that was a really successful day!

The movie St. Vincent.  Maya and I absolutely loved this movie.  The entire cast is perfect, to the point that I even wanted to take home the cat.  Keep in mind that I'm (a) allergic to cats and (b) not a "cat person" in the slightest.  Bill Murray and Jaeden Lieberher especially shine.  The movie is sad, yet funny, and very real. 

The Walking Dead, Season 5, may be my favorite season ever.  If only Carol and Daryl become an official couple. . . .

Crispy Parmesan Asparagus at Olive Garden.  My new favorite appetizer.

What are some things you're enjoying these days?