Incoming Mail--Michele in New Mexico

Recent cards with letters from my sister.

Incoming Mail--Sarah in Wisconsin


Outgoing Mail--June 1-15, 2018

Cards and Letters to Sue in North Carolina, Lee in Scotland, Penny in Canada, Michele in New Mexico, Liz in Iowa, and Wanda in Canada.

Letters to Brandy in Virginia, Penny in Canada, Melynda in Texas, Sherry in Florida, Jennifer in Germany, Norine in Texas, Wanda in Canada, Barbara in South Carolina, Tracy in Texas, Michele in New Mexico, Karen in Denmark, Lisa in Washington, Kym in Colorado, and Sherri Kay in Wisconsin.

Cards to SJ in Iowa, Keli in Nebraska, Iris in Oregon, Sue in North Carolina, Shon in Nebraska. and William in New Mexico.

Postcards to Melyssa in Colorado, Joel in Arizona, Sarah in Wisconsin, Jenn in Texas, Lisa in Washington, Wanda in Canada, Tracy in Texas, Fish in China, and Olivia in Northern Ireland.

Incoming Mail--Penny in Canada

Sweet postcard.

Incoming Mail--Olivia in Northern Ireland

Gorgeous stamps.

Current Little Pleasures

Thai ice cream from Freezing.

Someone gave me a 1929 Indian head nickel for change.  Cool!

Starbucks' Cold Foam Cascara Nitro.

Participating in my local public library's adult summer reading program, Libraries Rock!

Looking forward to spending Maya's 14th birthday with her on Friday, including a delicious cake from Butterfly Bakery.