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Happy St. Patrick's Day

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Outgoing Mail--March 1-15, 2018

Cards and Letters to Karen in Denmark, Barbara in South Carolina, Sherri Kay in Wisconsin, Tami in Oregon, AJ in New York, Laura in Iowa, Karen in Wisconsin, Barbara in Washington, and Michele in New Mexico.

Letters to Penny in Canada, Joanna in Poland, Sherri Kay in Wisconsin, Michele in New Mexico, Wanda in Canada, Iris in Oregon, Kelly in Maryland, Marianne in Sweden, Tracy in Texas, Penny in Canada, and Amanda in New Mexico.

Cards to Sawyer in Iowa, Mom in Nebraska, Claudia in California, Sue in North Carolina, Shon in Nebraska, Becky in Oregon, Joanna in Poland, Tracy in Texas, Garrett in New Mexico, Jenn in Texas, Terri in California, Shirley in Nebraska, Liz in Iowa, Amanda in New Mexico, Iris in Oregon, Tami in Oregon, and Keli in Nebraska.

Postcards to Hans in Sweden, Joel in Arizona, Sarah in Wisconsin, Trysha in Alabama, Sue in North Carolina, Melyssa in Colorado, William in New Mexico, Liz in Iowa, Millie in Alaska, and Jenn in Texas.

Incoming Mail--Becky in Oregon

Lovely notecard.

Incoming Mail--Assorted Val's Day & Birthday

Birthday card from my mom.
Birthday card from my husband.
Birthday card from our dogs, Snow and Violet, with a little help from my husband.
Birthday postcard from LEP member.

Recent Reads

Blue Diary by Alice Hoffman (2001).  At the start of the book, Ethan and Jorie Ford have a too-perfect marriage and too-perfect family that includes their preteen son, to the point that Ethan is even a local carpenter and firefighter hero who seems to have saved almost half the town, one way or another. What happens after 12-year-old Kat calls into one of those most-wanted TV shows to report the man she knows as Ethan, her next-door neighbor who also happens to be the father of her best friend, as the perpetrator of the rape and murder of a teenage girl fifteen years earlier?  Told in alternating viewpoints, the novel follows the impact on various characters, not just "Ethan," Jorie, and Kat, but also Jorie's best friend, Kat's older sister, and Jorie and Ethan's son.  Likely intentional, the one character I found never fully revealed was Ethan.  If you like Hoffman's descriptive style and grasp for drama and emotional extremes, this book is for you.

Classic K…

Incoming Mail--Sue in North Carolina

Two pretty notecards.