Outgoing Mail--August 1-15, 2018

Letters to Steph in Minnesota, Penny in Canada, Michele in New Mexico, Brandy in Virginia, Amanda in New Mexico, Wanda in Canada, Garrett in New Mexico, Jenn in Texas, Kym in Colorado, Millie in Alaska, Lisa in Washington, Barbara in South Carolina, and Melynda in Texas.

Postcards to SJ in Iowa, Joel in Arizona, Becky in Oregon, William in New Mexico, Jenn in Texas, Sherri Kay in Wisconsin, Amanda in New Mexico, Sue in North Carolina, Hans in Spain, Mom in Nebraska, Laura in Iowa, Steph in Minnesota, Millie in Alaska, Sarah in Wisconsin, Liz in Iowa, Fish in Taiwan, Michele in New Mexico, Andrew in Iowa, Shon in Nebraska, Melynda in Texas, Lisa in Washington, Terri in California, Billy in Wisconsin, Melyssa in Colorado, Fish in Taiwan, Keli in Nebraska, Olivia in Northern Ireland, Ada in Oregon, and Iris in Oregon.

Stationery--Handmade by JJKun

My wonderful purchase from Handmade by JJKun includes stickers, address labels, and stationery.  Everything arrived packaged to look like treasures, which is exactly what the products I bought are to me.  My favorite purchase?  Colorful macaroon address labels.

Incoming Mail--Lee in Scotland

Postcard with a letter from Lee.

Incoming Mail--Penny in Canada

Funny card from Penny.

Incoming Mail--Becky in Oregon

Postcard of Beautiful Portland from Becky.

Current Little Pleasures

Maya started high school this week.

Butlers Irish Fudge, a journal, and postcards from my niece and sisters' trip to Ireland.

The Buckle--shopping for Maya.

Battle Creek TV series.

Better Now by Post Malone.

Herb's birthday celebration at P.F. Chang's.