August 22, 2016

Incoming Mail--Becky in Oregon

Cheerful card!

Recent Reads

Beyond Repair by Charlotte Stein (2014).  A re-read of one of my favorite books.  Stein tends to create interesting, flawed characters who mesh in all the right ways, and a lot of the chemistry comes from the internal and external dialogues.  This story about a troubled movie star at his lowest point who meets a very damaged young woman is no exception.  As often happens in Stein's books, they bring out the strengths in each other as they form a relationship.

Dirty Baller by Vesper Vaughn (2016).  Light, entertaining read about an American journalist who discovers her one-night-stand in London is part of the football/American soccer team she came to England to feature.  Oops!

Mountain Madness:  Scott Fischer, Mount Everest, and a Life Lived on High by Robert Birkby (2008).  Written by his friend, this account of Scott Fischer's life and mountaineering career is intriguing and sympathetic.  Fischer is one of the climbers, and one of two adventure travel business owners, who died during the widely-covered--and widely-debated--1996 Mt. Everest tragedy.

August 21, 2016

Current Little Pleasures

Fields of August sunflowers on our drive through the back roads of Colorado.

One week of seventh grade successfully completed by Maya.

Winning a prize from the Kittling: Books blog.

Seeing some family in Iowa at my brother-in-law's service that I haven't seen in years--and may never see again, for at least some of them.

Guacamole--with chips or bread or just plain.

Property Brothers on HGTV.

Upstream Brewing Company in Omaha's Old Market.

Made in Colorado Shoppe in Pagosa Springs--really cool scenic photos cards, tons of postcards, and fun wildlife notepads.

Fall cleaning.  So far, from just Maya's room, we donated two bags of stuff, tossed a bag of stuff, and recycled a bag of stuff.  Freeing!!

My niece moved into her first home in Iowa last month, and my nephew and his girlfriend move into their first home in Iowa next month.  Big life steps!

Pumpkin seeds.  Autumn, my favorite season, is coming.  Soon, soon, soon.